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Max Loan Amount in Washington:

May not exceed $700 or 30 percent of the gross monthly income of the borrower, whichever is lower.

Maximum Loan Terms:

A licensee must set the due date of a small loan on or after the date of the borrower's next pay date. If a borrower's next pay date is within seven days of taking out the loan, a licensee must set the due date of a small loan on or after the borrower's second pay date after the date the small loan is made. The termination date of a small loan may not exceed the origination date of that same small loan by more than 45 days, including weekends and holidays, unless the term of the loan is extended by agreement of both the borrower and the licensee and no additional fee or interest is charged.

This allows almost anyone in the country to receive the money that they need when they need them! Your background, profession, credit history, or social status makes no difference and the loans are available to anyone that covers these simple requirements.

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Washington Payday Loan Terms
Maximum Loan Amount: $700 or 30% of gross monthly income, whichever is less
Loan Term: Max: 45 days
Maximum Finance Rate and Fees: 15%: first $500; 10%: remaining portion of the loan in excess of $500 up to the $700 maximum
Finance Charge for 14-day $100 loan: $15
APR for 14-day $100 loan: 390%

Have questions or comments about the regulations of payday loans in Washington?
Regulator: Washington Department of Financial Institutions
Address: Division of Consumer Services, PO Box 41200 Olympia WA 98504
Phone: (360) 902-8700               
Fax: (360) 725-7827
Regulator Website

Washington regulations courtesy of the NCSL and CFA