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The Importance of Saving Money / Articles

We all have our reasons for wanting to save money. We may feel the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck, or simply want to own a home. The importance of saving money becomes ingrained in those who want to build wealth and create a rich lifestyle. If you have little knowledge of money saving strategies, then you have come to the right website. Building debt over time can be the undoing of many years of hard work and ultimately lead to despair when the roof has a leak, the car needs rotors, or the cat has a veterinary checkup. At, we hope to foster your desire to save more money, until it reaches a fever pitch.

How to Save More Money – Avoid Excuses

Before we evaluate the importance of saving money, we should first see what the reasons are not to save money? Here are a few common reasons I have heard throughout the years.

  • I make enough money and will not have a problem with money in the future.
  • I have a 401K and I pay Social Security. I have no need to save for retirement.
  • I will make more money once my children need college tuition.
  • Saving money means a harder life and losing our lifestyle. We like how things are and do not want to scrape by just to have a little money in the bank.
  • Life is too short to save! We spend what we have because we want to enjoy life!


How many people really believe when we are successful that we might someday go back to making rags instead of the riches? Our health may deteriorate or our financial foundation may disappear from a layoff or pay cut. Our 401K and Social Security offerings may help to secure our future, but what about the idea to save big money for the future home purchase? The children are not toddlers forever. Ask any parent how quickly the years go by. Our lifestyle can be as lavish as our budget permits, including the satellite television with the two hundred channels. It is a necessity, right? And even though we may not know our end, the money might come to an end. Who wants to be kicking around dirt with a pocket full of lint?

Save Big Money

The encroaching Golden Years often encourage individuals and families to save some money in order to live a more comfortable life upon retiring. The amount of money needed to retire exceeds that of most savings accounts. Therefore companies offer 401K plans and IRA funds to cushion the financial blow from that time in life. But what about other investments and the money machine that can be created from making sound investments today? The investments we make today can greatly influence how well we live in our Golden Years. In order to save big money we must nurture the thought that money begets money. We need to think both of the short term and of the long term, without stepping on our lifestyle in the meantime.

Money Saving Strategies

A budget has that strange tonal quality when spoken aloud that reminds us of the dentist’s drill or fingers scraping down the dry slate of the chalkboard. My favorite money saving strategy is to call the budget by a new name. Call it “The Divvy” or “The Means” as a way to lighten the mood when speaking of spending limits. Whatever its name, we all need a guide.

In an effort to till the soil of our wealth with our money saving strategies, root out the weeds of “The Divvy” and make sure they cannot grow back. We can identify the Chickweed of our financial life by reviewing how much we spend on healthy and unhealthy practices. The exercise is quite simple and can help unlock money saving secrets. Create two columns on a piece of paper. The first column should be titled Healthy and the second Unhealthy. Any cost related to living, survival, and sheer necessity should be written under the Healthy column. The counterparts-the rascals of the financial neighborhood-should be listed in the Unhealthy column. These unhealthy items might be a taste for the finest wine, when we can only afford bottled beer, or the want to purchase a car well outside our means. Anything outside the scope of our current livelihood should be identified. Of those things listed in the Unhealthy column, if a person can make themselves do without that item for a short time, then they will be successful in saving more money.

In the theater of life, the way we save money depends on how well we make money. If our income outlasts our spending habits, then we can save more money than ever. Open a savings account for that big purchase and do away with the unhealthy expenses plaguing our financial garden. We till the soil of our income until it is rich with money making opportunities. We can spend money on purchases, if they are sound investments or a necessity. To save more money, we must first begin to think differently and our actions will follow in line. With that change, we have the ability to save big money.

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