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When you receive your paycheck, this loan has to be repaid. However, when you are unable to settle this amount and the interest rate on your payday, then you have the alternative of rolling over the loan by remitting extra amount to the lender.
Max Loan Amount in Texas:

The maximum cash advance of a loan made under this subchapter is an amount computed under Subchapter C, Chapter 341, using the reference base amount of $100, except that for loans that are subject to §342.259 the reference base amount is $200.

Maximum Loan Terms:

The maximum scheduled term of a loan made under this subchapter is:

(1) for a loan of $100 or less, the lesser of: (A) one month for each multiple of $10 of cash advance; or (B) six months; and

(2) for a loan of more than $100, one month for each multiple of $20 of cash advance.

According to state laws, charging any other fees for this, other than what is required by law, is prohibited. Some states even regulate the number of loans to a single borrower in a certain time frame. The lender must carry out verification before they can lend. They can not lend to someone that can not pay it back. They also require that someone not take out one loan to pay off another.

Windcrest Payday Advance

Farmers Insurance – Kenneth Westfield
(210) 543-9800
5505 Grissom Rd Ste 120
San Antonio, TX 78238
ACE Cash Express
(210) 654-6362
4931 Walzem Rd
Windcrest, TX 78218
Security Service Federal Credit Union
(800) 527-7328
4910 Windsor Hill
San Antonio, TX 78239
Speedy Cash
(210) 646-8221
5510 Walzem Rd
San Antonio, TX 78218
Cash America Pawn
(210) 657-7328
8706 Perrin Beitel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217
ACE Cash Express
(210) 654-7191
8515 Perrin Beitel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217
Quik Cash
(210) 653-0850
11471 Perrin Beitel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217
Speedy Cash
(210) 657-2921
10602 Perrin Beitel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217
TX Title Loans
(210) 946-2274
10811 Perrin Beitel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217
ACE Cash Express
(210) 590-2360
12803 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217
Cash Store
(210) 666-2611
6604 FM 78
San Antonio, TX 78244

Texas Payday Loan Terms

Have questions or comments about the regulations of payday loans in Texas?
Regulator: Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner
Address: 2601 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78705
Phone: (512) 936-7600
Fax: (512) 936-7610
Regulator Website

Texas regulations courtesy of the NCSL and CFA